Liam Jones is a visual artist from Toronto Canada working in acrylic and multimedia.  Jones is educated at York University and the Ontario College of Art and Design.  He is also a singer/songwriter.

Artists' Statement

I have a theory about what makes good art:  There's the idea and then there's craft and good art needs both.  My work is a conversation with the big questions of our time like why are we here? What does it mean to be human and alive?  Why do we dream? What is consciousness?  If time and space are relative, how does that change everything?  Why can't we accept a meaningless existence? And of course, is there a God?


Look at me pose for a photo, pretending to paint!


Big heady stuff, sure, but as a privileged white guy I have the option to explore that, as I give back.  It's an exciting time to be alive, with new discoveries happening every day that keep re-framing what it all means.   I believe painting is a valid way to explore these big questions.  I keep seeing great thinkers talk about art.   Why is that exactly?  The relevance of art speaks miles to me.  Let me sum up the problem of meaning in this post modern, nihilistic worldview that everyone and no one seems to believe.  it goes something like "I don't give an F about anything because we're just hairless apes made of stardust floating around on a pale blue dot".  We all sort of believe that, but also have some deep rejection of it as well.  I think art speaks directly to that.

I'm really digging into music with my latest body of work, and use musicians and music as a launching point to think about these big ideas of our time, with every ounce of craft I have at my disposal.