Returns, etc:

100% satisfaction guaranteed. If not perfectly satisfied, I will fully refund minus shipping costs.
Returns and refunds must be within three days of delivery.  I've been using the same shipping companies for years and know all the tricks to make it work.

I ship all work in perfect condition, in a box of perfect condition. In the *very rare* case that your package arrives damaged,  don't worry, I'll work it out to your satisfaction.

Payment Info:

Buying an original painting is bigger than the typical amazon purchase and I find the personal touch works best.  Contact me via email or phone regarding the artwork you are interested in buying, and you will be sent a paypal invoice.  Paypal purchases are secure in my experience.  Payment via a paypal invoice is versatile and simple, as it can be made by paypal account, credit card, visa debit, etc as most online shopping.  Local buyers are welcome to pay in cash.

WARNING ABOUT ONLINE CLASSIFIEDS SALES:  There are people who scam online and I've even found some who pose as me, in particular on online classifieds which I do sell on from time to time.  Online classifieds are a great way to get a deal on my work, however be aware that I do not accept cheques, I never send anyone else to do business for me.  When I sell through online classifieds, I insist we talk in person, meet in person, and accept payment in cash or paypal invoice only.  Don't let the fraudsters get you!  If you get a bad vibe, it's probably not me.  Call me or contact me via this website, my facebook page, etc to confirm.  Also if you find a classified ad and you suspect it isn't me, please let me know.

Emails are responded to promptly and professionally.  
I will do whatever I can to make buying my artwork a pleasure for you.


Shipping charges are not included in the sales price and are specific to where you live.  I ship from Toronto Canada to anywhere in North America without question.  International or overseas sales, please contact me first for a shipping quote and options.

US and North America shipping via Purolator.  Includes a tracking number. 

For prints, If the print needs to be made, there is a handling time of maximum 5 business days to have the print made new. Email notification on day of shipping (and throughout). Delivery in 5-7 business days depending on distance.  All paintings are shipped with shipping materials of appropriate measures of protection, professionally.

Note to customers outside of Canada: The possibility of customs charges exists. Customs charges are the responsibility of the buyer. For more info on US customs, call CBP General Inquiries: 1-877-CBP-5511 or see their  FAQ:

International buyers, please contact me for shipping costs.

For local customers or galleries, Local pickup is available, and I will deliver and install myself when possible.  I love meeting the folks who buy my work.